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Honda 8hp Outboard Engine - BF8

Honda 8hp Outboard Engine - BF8 - PORTABLE POWER

8hp – 4 stroke engine | 2 cylinders – 222cm³ | S or L shaft | Tiller handle or remote control | from 42 kg

BF 8 SHU - With a 433mm Short Shaft. Recoil start. Tiller Handle. 6 amp charging coil

BF 8 SRU - With a 433mm Short Shaft. Electric start. Remote Control. 12 amp charging coil. Control box

BF 8 LHU - With a 563mm Long Shaft. Recoil start. Tiller Handle. 6 amp charging coil

BF 8 LRU - With 563mm Long Shaft. Electric start. Remote Control. 12 amp charging coil. Control box

The BF8 and BF10 are renowned for offering superior reliability and economy, with responsive power and performance. And all this comes in a compact and portable design.

Just lift them on, and you're off

BF8 - BF10 engines are light, compact and their foldaway handles make them ultra-portable. They’re perfect for inflatables, dinghies and skiffs; and they make great ‘kicker’ motors for larger fishing vessels and sailboats.

Light and easy

If you’ve got an inflatable boat, a RIB or a tender, these engines are not only easy to transport, they’re easy to operate too.


Plenty of it too. And with a reputation built on reliability, superior fuel-efficiency and low emissions, your boat isn’t complete without one.

These light 4-stroke engines are easy to get going, and feature Programmed Ignition (PGM IG) so when you start your Honda – even from cold – it will never let you down.

They've got power

With electric start engines it’s so important to keep your battery in good condition so that they stay reliable. And if you have electrically powered instruments on board, the high-output charging coil maintains top level charging to keep everything working – even at trolling speeds. The standard four-blade propeller transfers the power through a slim hydrodynamic gear case straight into the water.

With the smooth action throttle twist-grip, you can effortlessly roll on and off the power all day long.

Our optional Power Thrust propeller is easily interchangeable for use on heavier and larger displacement boats.


With its stunning silver finish you’ll see right away it’s a Honda.

Fixed to the back of the boat and in the water, it looks great as the surrounding colours are reflected in the finish. Sleek design and sculpted lines run all the way down to the super-slim hydrodynamic gear case, meaning less drag and better fuel economy when you’re really going for it.

Foldaway handles

The BF8 and BF10 have foldaway handles built-in, positioned exactly on the point of balance to make them really easy to transport – even carrying them around they look fantastic.

Easy to lift and carry. The handle on the BF8 and BF10 is built into the design.

Engine Type:4st Water Cooled

Valves:OHC 2-Cyl.

Displacement (cc):222

Bore X Stroke (mm):58 x 42

Full Throttle Range (RPM):4,500-5,500

Rated Power (kW (PS)):6.0 (8)

Cooling System:Water Cooled (with Thermostat)

Fuel Delivery:1 carburettor with accelerator pump

Ignition System:Electronic PGM-IG

Starting System:Electric / Recoil starter

Exhaust System:Propeller boss

Gear Ratio:2.33

Propeller Rotation:Standard

Engine Trim and Tilt:Manual / Manual 5 stages

Transom Height (mm):433 / 563

Dry Weight (kg):42 / 44.5 / 48.5

Overall Length (mm):610 (Tiller)

Overall Width (mm):345

Overall Height (mm):1105 / 1235

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