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O'Brien iSUP Electric Pump

O'Brien iSUP Electric Pump, AC 12V/DC Black Orange

O'Brien iSUP Standard 12V Electric Pump is specially made for inflatable SUP boards - but not just them - great for all inflatables too. It has a Powerful, high-volume AC 12V/DC and is Adjustable from 1 to 20 PSI.

It also features a Digital PSI gauge, so it stops automatically when inflated to the correct setting.

Inflatable paddleboards can hold quite a bit of air pressure and it can be a bit of a job to inflate your board. You can count on breaking a sweat before hitting the water. So, if you prefer saving your energy for paddling the electric pump is the answer.

O'Brien iSUP Electric Pump Product Details:

  • Powerful, high-volume AC 12V/DC
  • Able to inflate up to 20 PSI
  • Digital PSI gauge
  • Stops automatically when inflated to setting
  • Quickly, easily inflates/deflates SUP’s and Drop-Stitch mats
  • Kink-proof hose

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