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Seadoo LinQ Base Installation Kit GTI, GTS, GTR, GTR-X, RXP


LinQ System: Fast. Easy. Secure. The LinQ accessories now fit all models. Nothing outdoes our exclusive quick-attach, tool-less rear-cargo LinQ System. It redefines what your watercraft can carry, and how it carries them. You get to pack more, play more, and ride farther, all while keeping food and drink cold and fresh.


  • Allows you to install LinQ mounted accessories on your Sea-Doo watercraft to extend cargo options and journey opportunities.
  • Allow the installation of LinQ accessories to the back of your watercraft.
  • Not compatible with the LinQ 13.5 US Gal (51 L) Cooler.
  • Includes 2 LinQ bases and hardware.
  • If your watercraft is not equipped with a ladder, adding one for easy reboarding is recommended.


GTI, GTS and GTR (2011-2019), GTR-X (2017-2019), RXP (2012 and up)

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