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SuBlue Swii Kickboard | SuBlue | Sea Scooters

Swii is fun for both kids and their parents

Boost the interaction between family members and make water games more fun and appealing

A reliable and efficient aid for swim training

A fantastic training aid to help beginners overcome fear, learn kicking skills and master balance in the water

Swii is for everyone who wants to experience the joy of swimming

Simply rest your chest on the kickboard, press and hold the buttons on both sides to start and enjoy the pure pleasure of moving through the water. Free yourself from the worries of physical strain and swimming techniques. Start powering through the water today! Rated to hold up to 100kg.

Swii is agile! Glide with ease

It is easy to operate and make any turns while propelling forward. Enable people of different swimming skills to discover the joys of being in the water.

Two speed options

Quickly switch between 0.6m/s and 1m/s to find new thrills underwater. Low speed for beginners to overcome fear of swimming and the higher speed for more excitement

Built in propellers to guarantee both power and safety

The innovatively designed dual propellers are hidden inside the rear of the kickboard, away from the power button to avoid accidental injury. An auto-shutdown within 0.2 seconds will be triggered if any foreign object is obstructing the propellers.

The propellers and motor are optimised to improve performance and battery life.

Patented technology to ensure performance and safety

The Swii is made with industrial grade machine sealing technology and an exclusive battery waterproofing patent.

The removable & rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 45 minutes of operation.

Eco & skin friendly material

The tightly wrapped soft foam body is eco and skin friendly. It is manufactured from high grade EVA material that protects from abrasion.

Smart features are controlled from a mobile app

Controll child safety lock, change speed, personalise indicator light settings, start self cleaning, etc., just by tapping on the mobile app.

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